Worship & Prayer

Prayer at HBC has many forms.

Our Sunday services offer time for prayer and intercessions, and our Evening service especially, being smaller & more informal, offers opportunity to share specific prayer needs.

Also on the 2nd Saturday of each month (excluding August) we hold a Prayer Breakfast in the Church Hall at 8am, at which our prayer is followed by fellowship over food.

But prayer does not have to be voiced or verbal. As many famous Christians of the past learned: The more they grew in prayer, the more they realised that prayer was more to do with listening than speaking.

At HBC we offer opportunity for silent prayer every Sunday morning. The church is open at 9am for any who wish to arrive early for worship and use some or all of this time for quiet preparation.

There are times when we want to offer our own prayers. There are other times, perhaps when in great need or distress, or even when overflowing with joy, that we are grateful for prayers that have echoed through the centuries and become part of our Christian heritage. We explored some of these great prayers in morning service together in 2008 and you will find these under Famous Prayers

Tell Us Your News And We Will Pray For You